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About Best Western Motor

Best Western Motor has been helping customer for over 16 years, specializing in Late Model, low mileage Repairable salvage Vehicles, Our experienced staff fills our lots through bulk buying of salvaged cars with minor damage from thousands of insurance companies and banks. And we own body shop with experience body man and painter to fix as new car. We are buying and selling everyday. As a courtesy, we can also help arrange transportation in the USA! We look forward to hearing from you or having you drop by. We stand behind our products. Our business is based on Honesty, Integrity, and Service to you!
What is salvage title?
A car or truck with a salvage title means that it has previously been in an accident, or it was possibly even a theft recovery and was ‘totaled’ by the insurance company.. It doesn’t necessarily mean the vehicle is not repairable. After the vehicle is considered totaled it will be issued a salvage title in place of its clean title.
What is restore salvage title?
In Arizona a vehicle that’s been rebuilt from a salvage title will have a “restored title”

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